Thursday, June 3, 2010

When its raining I get lonely

When its raining all through the night,
I get lonely and start to cry.

Thunder above crashes down like roaring lions,
Makes dangerous fires in the attic.

I wish you were here so we can play hide-n-seek,
all through the house and never be found.

Running up and down putting dirty hand prints on the walls,
Looking out windows and then falling down.

In the water now its cold as ice,
With lurking monsters it’s a dangerous site.

But don’t be scared now for I am here,
to fight your fears so there wont be no tears.

Oh how I wish you were here,
We can make mud-pies and watch birds fly by.

Sing carols in the sun light as rainbows form in the sky.

Run up and down the fields until we get tired,
Then we lay in the grass and watch clouds float above our heads.

Picking flowers from the ground,
Then plucking them and throwing them down.

Oh I wish, I wish you were here,
Then we watch the sun raise and then watch it fall.

We would scream out windows and spit on walls,
We light the curtains on fire and then blow them out.

Climb the highest tree and watch the stars,
Then we jump down and swim with the sharks.

We‘ll run with the wind and sing with the rain,
Until our lungs give out we’ll play all day.

Oh I wish, how I really wish you were here,
Then I wouldn’t be sad, I wouldn’t be down,
And I wouldn’t be mad.

I wouldn’t be lonely and I wouldn’t be crying,
Because when I’m with you I’m not a phony.

But your not here and its been raining all through the night,
And when its raining I get lonely and I start to cry.

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