Saturday, June 5, 2010

my life in one game

The tables have turned, the rut I was once in is over. I’m out of that hole I dig myself into but not out of the danger. I can easily fall back in so I have to be cautious of the danger that lingers. One wrong step can lead to a terrible stumble into the pit of darkness. I have to be careful where I step and where I don’t step. I must take one step at a time until I’m able to pass the finish line free of danger, glorify myself, and become something more then just a pawn. Once I’ve done this I’m able to dance with the devils and sing with the angels, I’m able to cross oceans and skies, the world is mine for the taking. But I have to be careful, these waters grow cold, I’m not alone. I’m swimming with the sharks now and I could be easily ripped to shreds, it's second nature to them.

I must draw blood first to separate the men from the animals but it won’t be easy, I must be a black sheep; a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Hidden in the pack, waiting for the right moment, then I strike! Those who deal in lies will lose their heads and those who don’t will follow. I’m the leader now, the determined and forceful. The powerful and passionate. The dominate and magnetic. The compulsive and obsessive. Nothing will stand in my way. I will have my throne and I will have my queen. When I get old my queen will be my heart, body, and soul, without her I’m nothing. My loyal children will struggle to survive without her and so will I but I’m not dead yet, I wont go without a fight. I maybe the last one standing but this old man has a thing or two up his sleeve. I can bend water and walk on fire, I can breath in fear and release courage. Your scared, and with the snap of my fingers you’re dead.

Who am I? I’m your best friend and I’m your worst enemy. I’m your lover and I’m your hater. I’m your king and I’m your clown. I’m your right and I’m your wrong. I’m your good and I’m your bad. I’m the one you have to watch out for and I'm the one you have to worry about because you'll never know when I'll strike. Checkmate, your dead.

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