Thursday, October 17, 2013

a very slow mourning...

It was a slow morning. The sheets stuck to me like glue as I tossed and turn. I wanted to get up but every ounce of my body wanted to lay there in the sheet-like-cocoon. I got the feeling of metamorphosis, as if I was a giant caterpillar waiting to be transformed into a butterfly. I started to think of darkness. I thought of a terrible thought, one that scared me. Then I imaged that today was going to be a gloomy day. I thought I should just sleep because sleep is so good to me. So that’s just what I did, I slowly closed my eyes and fell into a deep slumber. 

In my dream I dreamt of a distance time, a time when I was just a child. There I was, outside, so curious about life, about what’s makes the world go round. Bugs, at a certain age they can entertain you all day, and there I was looking at a ladybug. It was beautiful. I wanted to hold it. I wanted to keep it forever. But when I touched it something happened. The ladybug turned completely gray as my finger made contact with the insect, washing the brightly vivid red away. The ladybug didn’t move. Then a light breeze came along and the ladybug slowly faded into the wind like dust. A tear slowly dripped down of my face as the world around me turn dark. 

When I woke up it was 6 in the afternoon. I was soaked in my own sweat, burning up from the summer heat. There was no air blowing, no wind howling, not a sound; only heat pouring down. I felt different as if I had changed while I was sleeping. But physically I looked the same. Inside though, I felt different. Not like a butterfly, not like a caterpillar, but something completely different- something that was another species. I felt poison in my veins. I felt venomous as if my lips could kill someone with just a kiss. I felt dangerous. I felt like I was no longer a sweet friendly caterpillar. I feel like I am a deadly wasp ready to sting.     

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Midnight creatures

It was Saturday night that I was waiting for my friends to arrive when a car drove by and I got soaked. Humiliated and embarrassed, I stood in front of them as they laughed. I am never going to be good enough for them so I ran. Now cold and alone I sit in the dark as I wait for my ride. I was about to breakdown when I saw a monstrous bird at the corner of my eye, or was it a girl? I said hello, anyone there? But no reply. Then shadows started creeping in, oh am I about to die? I closed my eyes… 

I smelled them, and with my eyes closed I saw them. A twelve foot girl with owl eyes, chicken feet, and feathers stood in front of me. To the left stood a boy with horse like hooves, yellow eyes, and devil horns. To the right was a nude lioness creature with the head of a lion but features of a man and woman. I got the feeling they wanted me to play but when I opened my eyes I was alone.    
I search the nearby area, but I didn’t find any creatures. I posted ads all over the cities looking for them, but still no reply. Every night at midnight I call out from my bedroom window, come and play, midnight creatures.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The dust in our house

You been away a long time that
Our home got dusty…

There is dust all through this house
From all the years you been gone
And there is dust in the kitchen
From all the food that went to rot

Cover your mouth

There is dust in the tub
From all the years you didn’t bathe
And there is dust on the clock
From all the years that time stopped

Oh you don’t know

There is even dust in the sheets
From all the years you didn’t sleep
And there is dust in the windows
From all the years the sun didn’t rise

For a heart broke a thousand times
Before I let the sun shine

So if you must
Come in and dust

But just know
No matter how good you clean
You can never truly get rid of the dust in our house