Sunday, June 27, 2010

thats how powerful i am...

Its funny how you say you can’t,
Its funny how you say you wont,
You’ve made up your mind and that is that.

You have all the weapons you carry,
And all people you’ve stab,
To all the bridges you’ve burn,
So when we argue you fight back.

I will always be glad I didn’t throw a single punch
Because no mater the argument, no matter the fight,
I will always win and that is that.

I don’t need to use weapons,
I don’t need to stab people in the back,
I don’t need to burn bridges, in fact
All I need is a few words because that’s how powerful I am.

I can move mountains and I can make oceans disappear
Because when I speak my mind it will be all that you hear.

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