Friday, June 4, 2010


The desire for affection is an appetite of passion. And in order to have affection towards someone you must first work up an appetite; it’s a reckless mission of feeling full and nothing more. Everyday people eat, they stuff their mouths with food and these foods are innocent people. Every second someone is gobbled down like if it was a piece of cake, and I’m sure to them it is. Some have sloppy seconds, others have sloppy thirds, and some even have sloppy fourths, and so on. It’s like one big fest. They take a bite out of each piece of food and then they pass it around and keep passing it until everyone is full. It’s a never ending cycle of a food chain. But they will never feel full. These people are animals. Hungry vultures, thirsty lions, and craving sharks are all waiting upon your arrival. You might think your getting a sweet dessert tonight but in reality your actually the meal. Just when you think you found love, you wake up cold and alone. "There is no love just appetite". And if you aren’t a hungry animal then your a sweet meal.
You might be hungry right now, but being hungry is nothing compared to a life time of starvation. I’ve been starving my whole life, just when I think I’m about to have a decent meal, I lose my appetite. It’s really disgusting the kind of food that lies beneath the plate. I have very high standards; I will not eat any little crumb on the floor like you do. No I will not, I rather die of starvation then feed off the floor. In this doggy dog world it is eat or be eaten. But I refused both. I refuse to eat garbage and I refuse you. You might try to work your magic on me but it wont work. You might be a sexy fox but I’m a rude porcupine and with every bite you take its like a piercing knife in your throat. You could be as sweet as chocolate and temp me with your lushes ways but as soon as I look into your eyes and see past the sugar coded exterior I see the disgusting animal that you are. The disgusting lair. The filthy hoe that is swarming with diseases. I just lost my appetite. You are a filthy bitch. A filthy dog and nothing more. And though you may have quite an appetite for me, you are nothing but an aversion to me.
If you think you found love, you better wear you heart on your sleeve and put your best gloves on because its going to be one messy dinner. The animals are coming out tonight and they’ve got quite an appetite for you. Your going to be up all night thinking your in love with this but "appetite is lust at best" and you got dog-chow written all over you.

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