Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ball n Chain

Its sounds like a whole lot of arguing with some fake display of public affection. They are the lovey-dovey couple next door with matching his and her hats that somehow can’t seem to keep their hands off each other when they are in the public eye. Yet, when they are in the comfort of their own home it seems to be the opposite with plates being thrown and walls being punched. When someone asks about their so called marriage in privet, that’s when the tears come pouring out, that’s when they spit out the truth. They can’t stand each other but no one wants to admit their love story is really a sham.

Here she comes to the party with the ball n chain but everyone knows that she doesn’t really want to be tamed. She tries to throw a wild eye stare to the boy standing with the crazy hair, but every time she walks the ball rolls behind, she is stuck like glue to a man who doesn’t fulfill her. But the party goes on and she dances even though she is in chains, she can’t help it if she wants to get laid. She is the loudest one there but no one seems to care or really stare, so she grabs their attention by making a dare, she lets down her hair and dances in her underwear. 

She makes all the dogs come running out of their cage, to the center of the stage, they drool with a daze. But it’s all bark and no bite; no one has fallen for her lies. The only fool that has been fooled is her man who she has booed. This sudden dis has caused him to be pissed and with his fist he smashes her kiss. Oh everyone knows they’re headed for divorce but at the end of the party she reassured him she has remorse. And as they head out of the door everyone said “aww can we have a little more”. But to me it sounds like a whole lot of arguing with some fake display of public affection. Lovely-dovey is more like fakey-fakey.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

The rollercoaster called love

I waited all day, I waited all night, weeks, months, years, even decades. I think even in previous lives I waited centuries just to get a glimpse of it. But today I only waited hours in the flustering line clustered with people waiting to ride the ride. Someone asked if the waiting was almost over, I asked if the wait was worth the ride, then I heard the ride approaching and I knew I was finally at the front of the line. People came screaming off the ride, “It’s the best I ever had!” as the ride halts before my eyes, my stomach started twisting in knots as I stepped aboard the rollercoaster called love. It began to slowly take off then it started to climb - up, up, up it went into the sky. I was up so high I thought I was going to die. Then when I thought the rollercoaster was going to come steeply speeding down, it just went straight cruising along the skyline.

I was up there with all the stars and on a summer night they are really nice but to be honest the stars weren’t as bright as they were when I watched them from below. Up and close they are dull, full of dust, covered in lust. They lost their shine, it didn’t make me want to be their mine, and they weren’t even kind. Everyone seemed to be impressed but I was distressed! The ride was more than one night and I wasn’t having fun - I just wanted to get off the ride but it wasn’t ending. The ride continued to go in a straight horizontal line, there were no twists, no thrills, no down falls, it was just a boring ride. I thought this was going to be like the movies when they go on a magic carpet ride, when the boy kisses the girl and sparks fly, when they close their eyes and hold each other’s hands because the ride is a scary bumpy life full of twists and sharp curves.

But no, this wasn’t like that. There was no magic, there were no kisses, and there was no element of surprise. The ride was socially awkward. And when it finally came to an end I cried. To have waited this long for such a disappointment, how could you not cry? I waited all day, I waited all night, weeks, months, years, even decades. And when I finally got to the front of the line and got in, and then came out, I realized I was in line to a whore house this whole time. This is love? I rather die, so this is my goodbye.