Sunday, June 27, 2010

thats how powerful i am...

Its funny how you say you can’t,
Its funny how you say you wont,
You’ve made up your mind and that is that.

You have all the weapons you carry,
And all people you’ve stab,
To all the bridges you’ve burn,
So when we argue you fight back.

I will always be glad I didn’t throw a single punch
Because no mater the argument, no matter the fight,
I will always win and that is that.

I don’t need to use weapons,
I don’t need to stab people in the back,
I don’t need to burn bridges, in fact
All I need is a few words because that’s how powerful I am.

I can move mountains and I can make oceans disappear
Because when I speak my mind it will be all that you hear.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Fear

Does it scare you
that I never sleep?
That I lay awake
at night thinking of you.

When the stars
come out at night
is when I shine,
high above I fly
with wings like a dove
in the night peacefully
above your cozy little hub.

Chattered in a storm of fear
I cannot see past your tears,
nor your desire of sheer
completely covered with fear.

Like a phase
It is what you may say
that might convey
into bliss of tears
rather then drops of fear.

But with a quake there is a wake
and with the break of day
I lay away,
high above In the stars
With goons on the moon
Waiting for the day
you decide to come out
And play.


The tears you once shed because of me have made a puddle of water on the flood which you stand in. But its been weeks now and that puddle has turned into ice, and underneath that layer of ice is where I lay. The weigh of you’re words can easily break the ice allowing the shreds of ice to pierced my body, allowing you to fall through to a bloody death. You're not on stable grounds now, be careful I’m trap beneath you by the walls of ice that have been created from the cold words you once spoke. It’s a dangerous situation, I’ve never felt so cold. Careful you’re on thin ice, and with one wrong slip of the mouth you can crush me completely.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

two kings of the same color

In this ruling world of kings and queens, where taking orders is a crucial part of everyday life, there is a castle that has two kings of the same color ruling under one roof. The walls to this castle are painted red from all the blood that has been spilled. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to know there is a war going on inside the castle between the two kings. Its a never ending war of power and authority. Only upon the death of a king will it silence this war. But killing a king is not that easy, the soldiers don’t know which orders to follow. Command after command and nothing is getting done. With frustrated kings a battle of words is broken out among the kings. But I’m done talking. Talk is cheap. I will be silent. And when you least expect it, you will suffer the raft of my actions. With no army or soldiers heads will fly, limbs will be cut, and torsos will be stabbed. I will be the only king standing today. And after this day we will never speak of the other king again nor will the soldiers question my power. After this day I will rule the throne forever.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I am a sad wolf, now hear my cry

We are a loving family but in our darkest hour we become monsters and we tear each other apart. But no matter how much blood is spilled we still come back to our human selves. Only scares and wounds are left to remind us what we really are, a pack of wolves. We may fight, we may cry, and we may rip each other apart but we will always be a pack and we always have each other’s back. I fought, and I will keeping fighting until the day I die, but now that the pack has split into two there is no need to fight. No need to argue. No need to go on. I am a sad wolf. The shewolf has ran off and I don’t know if she’ll ever come back. So every night I’ll howl to the moon hoping she will hear my cry and come back home.

Monday, June 7, 2010


We put up walls to have privacy, to feel security, and to have comfort. Those walls make houses, fences, and sometimes shields. We knock on those walls every now and then. Sometimes we are received with a friendly greeting and sometimes we are received with a rude gesture. But every once in a blue moon, you will knock and no one will answer. You will begin to wonder who lives inside that house, or maybe what’s behind that fence, or what’s that shield protecting? You will become curious. And like a curious cat you will begin to sniff around, trying to get behind the wall. You might try to claw your way in, maybe jump the fence, or even break the shield. But its not that easy, these endless walls are made of brick.

But like the sneaky cat you are, you dig a hole and slide right underneath the wall. You find yourself in a very dark place, there is not a single ray of light here. You become frighten. This place is not a house; no friendly neighbor lives here, no shiny car is parked here, and there is no treasure here. You found the easiest way in and now you want the fastest way out. But you can’t get out, your trapped. Whats behind the wall is a deathtrap and you fell right through it. Curiosity killed the cat. Curiosity will kill you.

You have to be careful, not all walls are doors. Not all walls make a houses. Some walls make boxes and these boxes have horrible things inside of them. You may not want to open that box in front of you because you never know what’s going to come out of it.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

my life in one game

The tables have turned, the rut I was once in is over. I’m out of that hole I dig myself into but not out of the danger. I can easily fall back in so I have to be cautious of the danger that lingers. One wrong step can lead to a terrible stumble into the pit of darkness. I have to be careful where I step and where I don’t step. I must take one step at a time until I’m able to pass the finish line free of danger, glorify myself, and become something more then just a pawn. Once I’ve done this I’m able to dance with the devils and sing with the angels, I’m able to cross oceans and skies, the world is mine for the taking. But I have to be careful, these waters grow cold, I’m not alone. I’m swimming with the sharks now and I could be easily ripped to shreds, it's second nature to them.

I must draw blood first to separate the men from the animals but it won’t be easy, I must be a black sheep; a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Hidden in the pack, waiting for the right moment, then I strike! Those who deal in lies will lose their heads and those who don’t will follow. I’m the leader now, the determined and forceful. The powerful and passionate. The dominate and magnetic. The compulsive and obsessive. Nothing will stand in my way. I will have my throne and I will have my queen. When I get old my queen will be my heart, body, and soul, without her I’m nothing. My loyal children will struggle to survive without her and so will I but I’m not dead yet, I wont go without a fight. I maybe the last one standing but this old man has a thing or two up his sleeve. I can bend water and walk on fire, I can breath in fear and release courage. Your scared, and with the snap of my fingers you’re dead.

Who am I? I’m your best friend and I’m your worst enemy. I’m your lover and I’m your hater. I’m your king and I’m your clown. I’m your right and I’m your wrong. I’m your good and I’m your bad. I’m the one you have to watch out for and I'm the one you have to worry about because you'll never know when I'll strike. Checkmate, your dead.

Friday, June 4, 2010


The desire for affection is an appetite of passion. And in order to have affection towards someone you must first work up an appetite; it’s a reckless mission of feeling full and nothing more. Everyday people eat, they stuff their mouths with food and these foods are innocent people. Every second someone is gobbled down like if it was a piece of cake, and I’m sure to them it is. Some have sloppy seconds, others have sloppy thirds, and some even have sloppy fourths, and so on. It’s like one big fest. They take a bite out of each piece of food and then they pass it around and keep passing it until everyone is full. It’s a never ending cycle of a food chain. But they will never feel full. These people are animals. Hungry vultures, thirsty lions, and craving sharks are all waiting upon your arrival. You might think your getting a sweet dessert tonight but in reality your actually the meal. Just when you think you found love, you wake up cold and alone. "There is no love just appetite". And if you aren’t a hungry animal then your a sweet meal.
You might be hungry right now, but being hungry is nothing compared to a life time of starvation. I’ve been starving my whole life, just when I think I’m about to have a decent meal, I lose my appetite. It’s really disgusting the kind of food that lies beneath the plate. I have very high standards; I will not eat any little crumb on the floor like you do. No I will not, I rather die of starvation then feed off the floor. In this doggy dog world it is eat or be eaten. But I refused both. I refuse to eat garbage and I refuse you. You might try to work your magic on me but it wont work. You might be a sexy fox but I’m a rude porcupine and with every bite you take its like a piercing knife in your throat. You could be as sweet as chocolate and temp me with your lushes ways but as soon as I look into your eyes and see past the sugar coded exterior I see the disgusting animal that you are. The disgusting lair. The filthy hoe that is swarming with diseases. I just lost my appetite. You are a filthy bitch. A filthy dog and nothing more. And though you may have quite an appetite for me, you are nothing but an aversion to me.
If you think you found love, you better wear you heart on your sleeve and put your best gloves on because its going to be one messy dinner. The animals are coming out tonight and they’ve got quite an appetite for you. Your going to be up all night thinking your in love with this but "appetite is lust at best" and you got dog-chow written all over you.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

When its raining I get lonely

When its raining all through the night,
I get lonely and start to cry.

Thunder above crashes down like roaring lions,
Makes dangerous fires in the attic.

I wish you were here so we can play hide-n-seek,
all through the house and never be found.

Running up and down putting dirty hand prints on the walls,
Looking out windows and then falling down.

In the water now its cold as ice,
With lurking monsters it’s a dangerous site.

But don’t be scared now for I am here,
to fight your fears so there wont be no tears.

Oh how I wish you were here,
We can make mud-pies and watch birds fly by.

Sing carols in the sun light as rainbows form in the sky.

Run up and down the fields until we get tired,
Then we lay in the grass and watch clouds float above our heads.

Picking flowers from the ground,
Then plucking them and throwing them down.

Oh I wish, I wish you were here,
Then we watch the sun raise and then watch it fall.

We would scream out windows and spit on walls,
We light the curtains on fire and then blow them out.

Climb the highest tree and watch the stars,
Then we jump down and swim with the sharks.

We‘ll run with the wind and sing with the rain,
Until our lungs give out we’ll play all day.

Oh I wish, how I really wish you were here,
Then I wouldn’t be sad, I wouldn’t be down,
And I wouldn’t be mad.

I wouldn’t be lonely and I wouldn’t be crying,
Because when I’m with you I’m not a phony.

But your not here and its been raining all through the night,
And when its raining I get lonely and I start to cry.