Sunday, July 25, 2010

can't stop us

In the blistering sun,
with luggage bags,
here we come,
all dressed in fun.

No water can drown us.
No thunder can scare us.
No lighting can burn us.
Rain or shine, nothing shall stop us.

No thief can rob us.
No man can harm us.
No fool can fool us.
No one can stop us.

No car can collide with us.
No detour can distract us.
No broken-down vehicle can prevent us.
Nothing can stop us from coming.

We are coming no matter what.
Death can’t stop us.
God can’t change our mind.
And you can’t say or do anything-
to keep us from coming.

Even if the sky falls, here we come-
so receive us with hugs and kisses-
because it will all be fun.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

today was a shitty day

I knew today was going to be a shitty day.
I shouldn’t have gotten out of bed.
I shouldn’t have opened the curtains.
I shouldn’t have comb my hair.
Because today was a shitty day

I put my best shirt on.
Wore my favorite jeans.
Brought new shoes.
And today was a shitty day.

I walk to the restaurant with a rose in my hand.
Sat at the best table.
Ordered the riches food.
And today was a shitty day.

Mariachi’s sang the most wonderful songs.
Candles cover the table.
Lights hanged from the ceiling.
And today was a shitty day.

I sat by the coolest celebrities.
Drank the most exquisite wine.
Partied like a rock star.
And today was a shitty day.

I walked Taylor Swift home.
Kissed her goodnight.
Then found a lottery ticket.
Won a million dollars.
And today was a shitty day.

I brought a million dollar house.
A Ferrari too.
And today was a shitty day…
because you weren’t there.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


When I close my eyes my imagination gets the best of me. Twisted and corrupted by my own thoughts, I start to think the worse of you. Angels become demons in my head, virgins become whores, and you become a monster. Just when I think everything is ok you haze up my mind with your silence. Unable to breath in this fog of quietness I start to suffocate by your ruthlessness. Your caring and kind but when I turn my back you stab me right where it hurts, my heart. You leaving me bleeding, wounded, and suffering. You don’t react or resuscitate to my pain. Your motionless, cold-blooded, and dangerous. You can pin me up against the wall by just breathing, you can tear me apart with just one touch, and you can nearly kill me with those cold words you speak. But this is just my imagination right? Because its not real. Because I don’t want it to be real. But fangs don’t grown in a blink of an eye and wounds don’t just form out of thin air. Its not my imagination because you are not here and I am in pain.