Monday, June 7, 2010


We put up walls to have privacy, to feel security, and to have comfort. Those walls make houses, fences, and sometimes shields. We knock on those walls every now and then. Sometimes we are received with a friendly greeting and sometimes we are received with a rude gesture. But every once in a blue moon, you will knock and no one will answer. You will begin to wonder who lives inside that house, or maybe what’s behind that fence, or what’s that shield protecting? You will become curious. And like a curious cat you will begin to sniff around, trying to get behind the wall. You might try to claw your way in, maybe jump the fence, or even break the shield. But its not that easy, these endless walls are made of brick.

But like the sneaky cat you are, you dig a hole and slide right underneath the wall. You find yourself in a very dark place, there is not a single ray of light here. You become frighten. This place is not a house; no friendly neighbor lives here, no shiny car is parked here, and there is no treasure here. You found the easiest way in and now you want the fastest way out. But you can’t get out, your trapped. Whats behind the wall is a deathtrap and you fell right through it. Curiosity killed the cat. Curiosity will kill you.

You have to be careful, not all walls are doors. Not all walls make a houses. Some walls make boxes and these boxes have horrible things inside of them. You may not want to open that box in front of you because you never know what’s going to come out of it.

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