Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Alternate ending

Just another day
In a peaceful place
Where the sky doesn’t rain
Until you have a bad day

Well I had a bad day
Maybe one too many days
And now I’m stuck in a hallway
Cause it started to rain  

A once bright lit way
Now is a dark dim cage
You want out
And I want out

But that’s not a way
You can say your part
Maybe apology with heart
Until your heart stops

Then you say
My sweet angel
What have you done?
And I say
Everyone has an alternate ending
And this was mine

Monday, October 1, 2012

Run with it

I used to know a girl
Just a little pretty girl
With brown hair and brown eyes
She used to say things like hi and you look fine
One day she told me a lie
She told me she loved me and didn’t know why
Then she ran off with a guy and told me goodbye
With a tear in her eye she said tell someone a lie
Just a little white lie
One that couldn’t hurt a fly
Just smile and have fun with it
Now run with it
And don’t say a goodbye

So I told you a lie
Just a little white lie
One that couldn’t hurt a fly
So small and unimportant you didn’t even notice it go by
Day after day you were more and more in a daze
Wrapped around my little white lie
It will make you want to die if you ever knew the truth
So I lie and I lie until your life was a big lie
And just when you thought I was a nice guy
Just a nice guy with brown hair and brown eyes
I tell you a lie

I ran with it
I stretch it out as far as I could
Stretched it over you, under you, around you, until the lie was you
I was the lie and you were the truth
And then she said goodbye to you.