Wednesday, November 7, 2012


gotta be the first boy in
that’s me
never late
no, never, couldn’t be me?
cuz I want to be better than what you see me
make me out to be
always dissing me
cuz you got a Ph.D
more like STD
stereotype dick
fucking the cool out of everybody
spreading labels 
chicks with feathers
guys like me
cuz we shop at outfitters
but you’re just a bitter
know it all bitch
fucking book smart bitch
but I’m fucking street smart bitch
and I know these fucking streets
like day and night
while you are only ever here by light
but bitch step into the shadows
and let’s see how smart you are
let’s see you write on walls
tell them ghetto boys how hardcore you are
call them hipsters
call them hippies
wanna see them get pissy?
piss on you
fuck you too
gang bang
ying yang 
all the way to china town
take out bag
truck stop
body parts
fucking bitch is dead by brunch  
but gotta be the first boy in
that’s me
never late
no, never, couldn’t be me?

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Alternate ending

Just another day
In a peaceful place
Where the sky doesn’t rain
Until you have a bad day

Well I had a bad day
Maybe one too many days
And now I’m stuck in a hallway
Cause it started to rain  

A once bright lit way
Now is a dark dim cage
You want out
And I want out

But that’s not a way
You can say your part
Maybe apology with heart
Until your heart stops

Then you say
My sweet angel
What have you done?
And I say
Everyone has an alternate ending
And this was mine

Monday, October 1, 2012

Run with it

I used to know a girl
Just a little pretty girl
With brown hair and brown eyes
She used to say things like hi and you look fine
One day she told me a lie
She told me she loved me and didn’t know why
Then she ran off with a guy and told me goodbye
With a tear in her eye she said tell someone a lie
Just a little white lie
One that couldn’t hurt a fly
Just smile and have fun with it
Now run with it
And don’t say a goodbye

So I told you a lie
Just a little white lie
One that couldn’t hurt a fly
So small and unimportant you didn’t even notice it go by
Day after day you were more and more in a daze
Wrapped around my little white lie
It will make you want to die if you ever knew the truth
So I lie and I lie until your life was a big lie
And just when you thought I was a nice guy
Just a nice guy with brown hair and brown eyes
I tell you a lie

I ran with it
I stretch it out as far as I could
Stretched it over you, under you, around you, until the lie was you
I was the lie and you were the truth
And then she said goodbye to you.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Something new

I never felt this way before. I’m not happy but I’m not sad. I’m not excited but I’m not worried. I’m not calm but I’m not freaking out. This is something new, something different. For the first time in my life I don’t feel like my heart is breaking, even though everything around me is broken. As I look through the debris of my once called home, I don’t feel like crying, instead I smile like I never smiled before. I lost everything to the storm and that’s okay with me.

After about five minutes of staring at the other houses I realized only mine was completely destroyed. I can’t help but think it was personal, that this storm was just out to get me, to rip me to shreds. But it doesn’t faze me or even break my smile. I stand tall, shoulders back, head up, and continue walking like nothing ever happened. I don’t know where I’ll go or what I’ll do but nothing can break me, not with this new me.

I walk about fifty years when a small parchment flies right cross my face and I catch it with my hand. It reads: I can make your fantasies come true, just give me a call at two, five, four, eight, three, one, nine. I normally don’t do these kinds of things but this is something new. I reach a payphone and with just enough coins in my pocket, I dial the number. When the phone starts to ring my heart starting pounding faster and faster, and after about six rings my heart is beating so fast I can hardly feel it. Then a voice answer the phone and says “how do you want me to make your fantasizes come true?” I respond with “I want to try something new”.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Something changed

I wake in terror. It was just a bad dream I tell myself, go back to sleep. I look over to your side of the bed, its empty.  I run my hand through the sheets, cold as ice. All of a sudden I feel like I’m dying, like someone dug a really deep knife into my chest and in any moment I’ll be dead. Something changed during the night and I don’t know what or how I woke up barely breathing. How one day we were fine and the next day I’m barely alive. 

I call out your name but all I hear is my echo in this empty house. All your stuff is gone, why? I don’t know how it got to this point where we leave in the middle of the night. Where we don’t say goodbye, leaving me behind, until I die. I start to realize I’m not going to survive the night, that by morning I’ll be dead, and you’ll be in bed with someone else. 

As I laid there on the floor waiting to die, something changed. I started breathing again. I stopped dying. I was reborn. I don’t know what has saved me from a terrible fate but I thank god I live stronger than before. I pick myself up and go to bed. I wake in bliss as I hear the weathered changed overnight on the radio. Something changed overnight and I don’t know what but I have a feeling it’s something good.