Sunday, September 25, 2011

Life after death

(The Clash of Friendship Part III)

Just a year ago we clashed, we crashed into the ground, smashing into every tree branch on the way down. It was a fatal crash for no one survived, we all died, moving on into different lives. It was horrific the pain, the game you played, the way you tore me to pieces in just one day. But it’s all over now, the anger, the hate, and the violence all went to shame. Life after death is so much calm just like we used to be when you were young. I know your spirit still lingers here, your voice still whispers my name, but please don’t call because we both know we’ll fall apart. We are living separate lives in different worlds and if they ever intertwine we might just decline into deeper masses of hate crime.

I know you moved on into a better life that is healthier than mine. I can feel the change in your heart, I know you’ve gone to a better place now, somewhere in the light you are shining through but I’m still in the dark. In my new life I am a little bit colder, a little bit darker, and a little bit deadlier. Just promise me you’ll never come back, I promised you I’d never hurt you, but you hurt me instead and now I’m a monster. Life after death isn’t always happy, not everyone goes to heaven, some people go to hell, now I’m burning. Maybe in another life we could’ve been more than just friends but in this life we’ve already ended. 

You’ve burned the bridge to my heart, it’s why we fell apart, now you can’t come back and play the girlfriend part. The friendship is dead, you can’t fix it with words, a broken heart can only be filled with distractions but deep down the pain is still there. I know you still trying to resuscitate, but I don’t want you to precipitate in my life, it’s time for you to let go. You can’t hold on forever, not even in the afterlife, you’ve got to release my ghost that’s haunting you. Just a year ago we were fine, now we’re dead, and life after death… let’s just give it a rest.

Monday, September 19, 2011

The Duel (Harry Potters)

Darkness has taken over, the brother I once knew is no more, and he rises as the villain from the deception. She has you under a love spell making you do her dark magic, can’t you see my life is now tragic, everything is dramatic. Our lives are now a movie and right now the duel scene is about to begin. You want to be the bad guy, you want to be Voldemort, well I’ll be Harry Potter, now let’s duel like wizards do. Take a bow because I’ll vow to destroy the evil soul she gave to you. Now disarm yourself, don’t you fight back, you know you deserve to die. How dare you fight back when you know I’m right! Now take your punishment, take it good, take my rage like you took her too! You want to be a father, a mother too, but you can’t even be a brother, now stop crying you fool! I write stories, I write them good, if you don’t like them then let’s duel! 

Shedding light upon the night with your lumos you’re still not right. You think you’re the good guy, you think your Harry potter, well then I’ll be a Snape so you can put on your fake face. Now go ahead, tell everyone I’m evil, that I’m plotting against you, and that I want to kill you. I’m not the bad guy, I’ve been protecting you all this time, you foolish boy look at what you’ve destroyed. A magical bound that was so tight, now we’re foes in a dueling fight, fire and ice it’s a horrific site. But I’ll stand my ground, I won’t back down. You think you can just wave your magic wand and take everything I own. Take my niece, take my joy, well now its war! Get away from my goddaughter, you won’t take her too, now get behind me and watch us duel. 

Your starting fires but you’re not following through, show your face, fight me you fool! You’re acting like a little girl, you want to be the bad girl, you want to be Bellatrix, well I’ll be Mcgonagall so I can teach you a lesson. Now look at me you bitch, I tell the truth, my words are like daggers stabbing through, this is why you feel pain because you know it’s true. Now fight me! Fight me! You coward! Stop hiding! You started a war but you’re not willing to duel, you stupid fool! You run like the wind, black smoke fumigating, intoxicating, obligating to breathe. But I know dark magic too, I can play your silly game, I’ll show you my duel. Faster than light, brighter than white, smoke descending from the sky, it’s time to die. You will run no more, I will fight fire with fire, now avada kedavra! Dead just like my grandma. I write stories, I write them good, if you don’t like them then fuck you!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Bloodline

You were next in line, heir to the throne, king of Rome. But somewhere along the line you fell in love, you fell blind, you fell out of line. Oh brother how could you betray our mother? You crossed the line. Everything is not fine! My blood has done me wrong, a betrayal was made, an alliance that didn’t side with mine. Now you won’t be king, I’ll be the one who wears the crown when the old man dies down. You used to rule this kingdom but now I rule the world. You made your choice, you took her side, and now you left the bloodline.

Distance and cold, you’re all alone in the darkness of this world. You hold a grudge so deeply, so aggressively, so persistently you’re not letting go. But you have no reason for this rage for you have only caused a war. You may have a grudge but now I have a vendetta against you that is seeking revenge. Never have I been dissed before like I have been dissed by my own blood. I’m at my boiling point and its time I draw the line. I won’t tolerate disrespect and you have disrespected the bloodline. You have no grace, you have no shame, and you don’t even know your own last name. 

You're king to an evil throne and don’t you know we’re at war. When the time comes to behead you, I’ll turn my head like you turned your back on us, and I’ll forget you’re my blood like you have forgotten about us. It’s going to be a bloody fight because I treated you with grace and now it’s time to show you my RAGE! You made your choice, you took her side, and now you’re not a part of the bloodline.

Friday, September 2, 2011

The Perfect Stranger

I used to believe that she could change, that I could write her in a different light, one that no mirror could ever portray. I used to believe she could learn from her mistakes - which she would become humble and grateful upon the many sacrifices I have made. But no. Not a gift, not a card, and not even a thank you from the bottom of her heart. Instead I’m put in the dark, I’m a stranger in the park, and I am looking for you in the playground but you don’t even know who I am. 

She told you that I’m a stranger you shouldn’t talk to, that I’m a psychopath you can’t trust, and that I am a villain that is plotting against you. But I am not. I’m your blood. And I’m here to protect you. It doesn’t matter what lies she may have told you, it doesn’t matter if you hate me for who I am, and it doesn’t matter if you think I’m a stranger. I’ll be the perfect stranger in the park, watch you play while I sit in the dark, until I know your safe I’ll listen with my heart. 

I used to believe she would bring you, that we would play in the backyard, just like a family would. But no. Instead she tore this family apart and now I’m a stranger to you. I have to be in the shadows while you grow in the light, is this really the way we treat family? No. But she won’t even change for you. Darling don’t you cry because she told you that your uncle died. There is a perfect stranger out there with your blood type and if you ever need a heart, liver, or any organ, you could have mine because I am the perfect stranger that will save your life.