Sunday, November 29, 2015

The higher hierarchy (The Duel Part II)

I had a dream that I shouldn’t go to school this semester, a warning that I was in great danger of failing. Oh I should have listened. Little did I know there would be a witch like you there, casting your spells, making me fail. Well I’ve had enough! You may have the power to fail me, but you don’t have the power to banish me, that remains with the higher hierarchy. You’re a cruel disgusting bitch! You’re Dolores Umbridge and I’m Sybill Trelawney.  You may think I am a useless dumb person, but I predict you’re in grave danger! Now go ahead and throw me out because you know I’m right. But for every step you take up the stairs, I will take one down because I believe in honesty. I’m defenseless now! Oh how could the higher hierarchy allow such foul! But the higher hierarchy is corrupted now.    

You're injustice! You're unmoral! You are the higher hierarchy! You think you’re the hero, you think you are part of the Order, well if that’s the case then I’ll join the Death Eaters tonight as we rattle your cage. If the teachers have gone mad then we’ll burn the school down! Incendio! Ignis! Eternus! Intra! Animus! Flamma! Infinito! Now inferi in the firestorm as your precious school is reduce to ash. I am reborn like a phoenix rising from the depths of hell, I triumphant over your cell, and break free of the spell. Show yourself! Take off that veil you wear so well as though you were a saint in a room full of sinners. But the only sin in this room is your corruption. 

You may think you’re the headmaster that has earned everyone’s respect but I know they are just your pawns under your imperious spell. Your magic doesn’t work on me anymore, now I have powers beyond your spells! Crucio! You will answer to me now! You little bitch! How dare you take a pass at my grades! Crucio!! Stop spewing lying! You fucking cunt! How dare you dishonor me! Crucio!!! You are nothing more than a whore, robbing every one of their dignity! You shameless person! I had a dream that you were dead, now Avada Kedavra! I cross the stage and take your place; I am now the higher hierarchy.

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  1. Great short story/poem. I miss reading your stories. -Terie