Monday, November 23, 2015


Everything is fine, everything is perfect. I love the way you always laugh at every mistake I make. Every wrong turn I take is another high step you make. By the ladder you are the highest majesty parading around in your golden throne, looking down at those who’ve dug themselves in holes. No one can hold a card to your name, yet every card you hold has the power to destroy. You win the game and win the war while I lose and die silently because I don’t have a voice around your golden words. But for once I want to see you fail at life. I want to see you fall from grace and be ashamed of the choices you made. I want to cut your wings and break your halo. I want to condemn you to hell so I can see you burn. I want to cut your throat so I won’t hurt. I want to be able to write you off as a failure in life and then laugh. I want to scream to the world that you have fallen from grace and that I have been promoted to god. Everything is not fine and nothing is perfect for I have fallen and you have ascended.  

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