Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Incurable Mind

The clock strikes eight and I can feel your hate press down on my mind like two drills drilling on the side of my head going deep into my skull. You can try to drill me the info that I’ve done you wrong but I’ve got an incurable mind. You can try to change me and cure my mind, send me to bed at eight but while you sleep I’ll stay awake, drifting away. It’s already nine, I should be asleep but I got an incurable mind. Down the slide of the devil’s throat I go where he tells me a penny for my thoughts, I say no sir I already got too many dimes, a quarter to one and already I’m lost in your subconscious mind. 

You call out to me in your sleep but I’m already on another dream swimming in a sea of ink, trying to figure out what monsters are sinking deep. The sky is baby blue and the land is a curvy terrain but it’s like paradise for my incurable mind. I think I see turkeys in the sky and I don’t think that’s not a good sign for you since you’re a heavy chain smoker. I think I’m quitting you like cold turkey because I’ve got an incurable mind. But just when I think I’m done the smoke turns into the devil and he says you got to ride this ride.  I say I don’t know sir I’ve already wasted enough time but he said I’m already lost on my dime because I’ve got an incurable mind.

Black is the sky and black is this ride that’s wickedly fast that it makes me nauseous inside. Down I go down the devil’s slide, twisting and turning, steeply pitfall, a rush of blood, head fall, and I’m falling upside down in a volcano. I think I’m burning, no I’m just in your mind and the devil wants to play a game but I say sir I’ve got to get home. He says a penny for your thoughts before I go but I’ve got too many thoughts; they circle around me like pesky flies that won’t leave me alone. I think I’m seeing a haze, no it’s a drilling in my brain because I’m drifting away, I’ve got an incurable mind.

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