Friday, November 20, 2015

My Life in Fiction

When I think of you
I think of all the books I ever read
You are Hermione but I marry Ginny 
I am Jacob but you choose Edward

I don’t want to know our fate in The Hunger Games
But somehow I know it will be the same
Will we ever end up together?
Will we ever see each other again?

I don’t want to know how this story ends
But the words come right out of the page
I see you at the reaping
You take your sisters place
You are the girl on fire
And my name is Gale

You will fight until the end
And I will betray you once again
But could you find forgiveness in your heart
For a man that caused you so much pain

I swear I’d rip out all the pages
If it would change the end
And I swear I’d change my ways
If it would change our fate

But the books I read are all the same
They remind me of you
And how we never do
End up together
I know my written fate
And it’s not with you.

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