Saturday, January 28, 2012

Heads or Tails!?!?

I guess you could say there is two sides, the sweet nice face that smiles back at you, and the long black tail that lashes out. No one can never really know what to expect, everyone has two sides to them and like a coin there is always a head and a tail. But its not a double face, everyone has ups and downs, and right now I might not come around.

I've been mad lately and its easier for you to flip a coin than telling me what's going on because if it's tails then that means war and you rather avoid me overall than dealing with a raging boy. But I'm not a fucking coin, you can't flip me back and forth every time I'm mad. Now tell me, is it heads or tails today? Your so worried about what your going to get, if I'm happy, if he's still angry, if I don't say hello first your going to update your phone. I'm sorry to say its tails today.

My day will rage on, yours won't involve me at all, and I will wait all fucking day just to hear you say it was easier to update your webpage than telling me you were sick. Well I'm fucking sick! So sick of you thinking I'm pissed off when I'm not! But your mind is set, I'm a fucking maniac and your a saint. I guess you could say there is two sides, the person standing in front of the mirror, and the person in the reflection.

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