Thursday, March 29, 2012

Dog off leash

(Oh brother how you've changed part II)
You been quiet for months now and when the phone rang I took it as a crying out for help. She started to lose control, she lost her grip, you’re a dog off leash! She sunk her teeth into your skin like a vampire she drained you deep, you had no freedom, you had no rights, it was all her fight! She lost it mentally, bite after bite she wanted more, she became a monster that wanted your soul! Push her back! Fight her in court! File the restraining order against her! It’s not about being an asshole and taking her child away from her, it’s about protecting yourself and your child when her claws are out, and right now she’s got you pinned down!

She’s a criminal now, press the charges, press the charges man! You’re a dog off leash! Emancipate yourself from her! But you’re sad eyes tell me you don’t know what to do and like a dog off leash you don’t know where to run, run to me! Just say the word and I’ll take her down in a snap, I’ll fight her in court! You have every right as a father to take your daughter away from a criminal and don’t you let them tell you different! She’s not the parent, she’s just an old hag, don’t let her take your daughter away from you! You’re a dog off leash, you can move around now, you have the ability to move to higher grounds!

Why are you still there? Oh brother how you’ve changed, she really did castrate you, you used to be a pitbull but now you’re just a pussy who can’t stand up for his only daughter. For a second you had control and now she’s back at your throat, please tell me this is your breaking point? How long are you going to let her treat you like this? You’re going to be six feet under one day because she’s crazy! You were a dog off leash but now you’re just a piece of meat and she’s starving!

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