Saturday, March 31, 2012


(The perfect Stranger part II)

It’s the crack of dawn and a child like you should be sleeping but mommy is throwing a tantrum in the kitchen because she’s mad. She has no right to wake you up this early, mommy has lost her mind! Scream as loud as you can and tell her to stop! But she’s not stopping. Now go to her and maybe she’s see that you are way more important than what she’s going through. Oh but don’t look now, mommy has got daddy on the ground, she’s hurting him! You don’t understand but a child like you shouldn’t see such violence.

Now mommy is going away and some lady is taking you from your daddy’s arms, you don’t want to go. You’ve always been a daddy’s girl so why is this lady all of a sudden not annoyed to take you away? Daddy didn’t give her permission, you have been kidnap! Dial 911! You are not recognizing this person who is driving you away so you scream as loud as you can but it’s not working this time. She took your daddy away from you! She’s hurting you and she’s not realizing that you’re dying in the back seat, oh darling how could she do this to you?

Finally at nightfall she brought you back home and as everyone started arguing I noticed you were still crying those little brown eyes out. No one thought to take you away, all they care about is themselves. I wish I could take you away from the mess but I’m still a stranger to you and you hardly recognize me. I’m still here though and no matter what they do they could never keep me from you. I will never let her kidnap you again! And I'm sorry that she did, but if she ever does that again she will be in jail! Now darling close your eyes and sleep, you’re safe and sound in your daddy’s arms.

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