Sunday, February 5, 2012

A scary fall

I ran.
I ran passed my high school,
I ran through a college,
came out with a degree,
and kept running
to the university of dreams.

The road grew steep,
the air got tense,
and my legs got weak.
Suddenly I stumbled
to the ground
and for a split second
I was down.

My hands were scrapped,
my legs were sore,
and my heart was torn.
I saw my name
on a gravestone
with a timeline
of everything I did
before I died.

I failed at college,
I failed at love,
and I failed at life.
So much pain
I wanted to cry
but then I realized
I was back alive.

The world was watching
as I laid on the ground
bleeding in dust.
I could hear the laughs
so loud and clear
like dogs barking
in your ear.

I fell.
And eventually everything
would be on the ground.
And when you look
at your wounds
they look really bad,
almost makes you think
your dead.
But its just a scary fall.
I got right back up
and kept running.

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