Friday, September 2, 2011

The Perfect Stranger

I used to believe that she could change, that I could write her in a different light, one that no mirror could ever portray. I used to believe she could learn from her mistakes - which she would become humble and grateful upon the many sacrifices I have made. But no. Not a gift, not a card, and not even a thank you from the bottom of her heart. Instead I’m put in the dark, I’m a stranger in the park, and I am looking for you in the playground but you don’t even know who I am. 

She told you that I’m a stranger you shouldn’t talk to, that I’m a psychopath you can’t trust, and that I am a villain that is plotting against you. But I am not. I’m your blood. And I’m here to protect you. It doesn’t matter what lies she may have told you, it doesn’t matter if you hate me for who I am, and it doesn’t matter if you think I’m a stranger. I’ll be the perfect stranger in the park, watch you play while I sit in the dark, until I know your safe I’ll listen with my heart. 

I used to believe she would bring you, that we would play in the backyard, just like a family would. But no. Instead she tore this family apart and now I’m a stranger to you. I have to be in the shadows while you grow in the light, is this really the way we treat family? No. But she won’t even change for you. Darling don’t you cry because she told you that your uncle died. There is a perfect stranger out there with your blood type and if you ever need a heart, liver, or any organ, you could have mine because I am the perfect stranger that will save your life.


  1. Thats really moving. You're a GREAT uncle, don't ever forget that.

  2. This is amazing! Great job, I hope things get better, can't believe someone could be so cold. But I get as every day passes it's another day this precious child goes without her family's love.