Monday, September 19, 2011

The Duel (Harry Potters)

Darkness has taken over, the brother I once knew is no more, and he rises as the villain from the deception. She has you under a love spell making you do her dark magic, can’t you see my life is now tragic, everything is dramatic. Our lives are now a movie and right now the duel scene is about to begin. You want to be the bad guy, you want to be Voldemort, well I’ll be Harry Potter, now let’s duel like wizards do. Take a bow because I’ll vow to destroy the evil soul she gave to you. Now disarm yourself, don’t you fight back, you know you deserve to die. How dare you fight back when you know I’m right! Now take your punishment, take it good, take my rage like you took her too! You want to be a father, a mother too, but you can’t even be a brother, now stop crying you fool! I write stories, I write them good, if you don’t like them then let’s duel! 

Shedding light upon the night with your lumos you’re still not right. You think you’re the good guy, you think your Harry potter, well then I’ll be a Snape so you can put on your fake face. Now go ahead, tell everyone I’m evil, that I’m plotting against you, and that I want to kill you. I’m not the bad guy, I’ve been protecting you all this time, you foolish boy look at what you’ve destroyed. A magical bound that was so tight, now we’re foes in a dueling fight, fire and ice it’s a horrific site. But I’ll stand my ground, I won’t back down. You think you can just wave your magic wand and take everything I own. Take my niece, take my joy, well now its war! Get away from my goddaughter, you won’t take her too, now get behind me and watch us duel. 

Your starting fires but you’re not following through, show your face, fight me you fool! You’re acting like a little girl, you want to be the bad girl, you want to be Bellatrix, well I’ll be Mcgonagall so I can teach you a lesson. Now look at me you bitch, I tell the truth, my words are like daggers stabbing through, this is why you feel pain because you know it’s true. Now fight me! Fight me! You coward! Stop hiding! You started a war but you’re not willing to duel, you stupid fool! You run like the wind, black smoke fumigating, intoxicating, obligating to breathe. But I know dark magic too, I can play your silly game, I’ll show you my duel. Faster than light, brighter than white, smoke descending from the sky, it’s time to die. You will run no more, I will fight fire with fire, now avada kedavra! Dead just like my grandma. I write stories, I write them good, if you don’t like them then fuck you!

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