Saturday, September 3, 2011

The Bloodline

You were next in line, heir to the throne, king of Rome. But somewhere along the line you fell in love, you fell blind, you fell out of line. Oh brother how could you betray our mother? You crossed the line. Everything is not fine! My blood has done me wrong, a betrayal was made, an alliance that didn’t side with mine. Now you won’t be king, I’ll be the one who wears the crown when the old man dies down. You used to rule this kingdom but now I rule the world. You made your choice, you took her side, and now you left the bloodline.

Distance and cold, you’re all alone in the darkness of this world. You hold a grudge so deeply, so aggressively, so persistently you’re not letting go. But you have no reason for this rage for you have only caused a war. You may have a grudge but now I have a vendetta against you that is seeking revenge. Never have I been dissed before like I have been dissed by my own blood. I’m at my boiling point and its time I draw the line. I won’t tolerate disrespect and you have disrespected the bloodline. You have no grace, you have no shame, and you don’t even know your own last name. 

You're king to an evil throne and don’t you know we’re at war. When the time comes to behead you, I’ll turn my head like you turned your back on us, and I’ll forget you’re my blood like you have forgotten about us. It’s going to be a bloody fight because I treated you with grace and now it’s time to show you my RAGE! You made your choice, you took her side, and now you’re not a part of the bloodline.

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