Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fuck you I'm going to Disney World

A lie was told, my dream was stolen, and deception on her lips as she gave him a kiss. A princess gets everything she wants as she smiles with her rotten soul. Something evil is brewing in her, the smell of poison is in the air, and he is on his way to hell. To Disney World they fly, love birds in the sky, while I wait for the lie. He should have been here by now but too many lies have been told and now he’s at Disney World. He left his sister, he left his mother, and he said fuck you I’m going to Disney World to his brother. 

The poison has set in and he believes he is humble. But we have been disowned. He left us behind, he left a path of destruction by lying, and now sister is crying. The princess is at Disney World celebrating her birthday while we are back in reality, blessedly paying the bills, while sister is visiting from the hills. My dream was Disney World but she took it like she took him for her own personal will, demanding him to go for the kill, putting the dagger in my heart. This is what drifted us apart, the princess getting between brothers, and her saying fuck you I’m going to Disney World while sister came to visit him. 

Lies were told, my family was disowned, and poison in her heart as she gave it to him. The princess got everything she ever wanted with her rotten soul. She went to Disney world with my brother in their lovers quarrel. But for all I care they can burn in hell! I don’t care that you are back in town, I don’t care if you are only here for a month, I don’t care about you! So fuck you! I’m going to Disney World without you!

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