Thursday, May 5, 2011

Code blue

(The clash of friendship part II)

The last thing I remember is that we were flying in the sky, higher then the clouds, above heaven and its Angels. Then all of a sudden we started going down, into the ground we crashed, burning into the ocean. Now I'm in this hospital bed covered in wounds, flowers on the nightstand, and you by my side like if you had been here all this time. But bitch get your hands off my chest because the last thing I remember was that you drove this friendship right into the ground. Now you want to bring me back because your life sucks but that’s just too bad. Go ahead and sound the alarm, tell them its a code blue because my heart just stopped beating for you.

Run the nurses right in, even bring the doctors too, they can't fix this heart, it just beat its last pulse. Crash cart now, defibrillate my heart, but remember if you bring me back I still hate your ass. Yeah my heart is beating again but how long can I stand to look at you? Your still sickening me, bitch step back, get off my dick. I don't want to give you a chance because the last time I did you let what's her face back into my life causing drama and my mama said "I don't want her here". Can't you get a clue bitch, I don't love you. Why did you bring me back? I was having fun with my grandma and my dog skip. Now I'm in this world again, I thought I left it behind but you dug me up, bitch can't you let me die in peace.

Tears are dripping down your face like a river it has a current but bitch you won't drag me in. I don't believe any of your sympathetic bull shit. Please just stop your making me sick! I'm going now cause I can't stand one more minuet of this, I'll just unplug all these needles cause I never wanted any of this. Just forget about me, pretend I don't exist, I already did the same, bitch I don't care if you can't sleep. This is me ripping my heart out of my chest because I don't want to live, try resuscitating me now bitch, I'm fucken dead. Go ahead and sound the alarm, tell them its a code blue because my heart just stopped beating for you.

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