Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The map to my heart (please don't get lost)

If I drew you a map to my heart, you would finally follow the path? All my life people have been promising me that they will find my heart but they always seem to get lost between the forest of temptation and the thorns of infidelity. I'm tired of being dead, I'm tired of being cold, I'm tired of being all alone. I just want to feel something, the tiniest little pulse is all I need, and then I could finally die knowing my heart beat. But don't make promises you cannot keep, don't have doubts for you will bleed, and don't verge off the path. Just follow the map to my heart and it will be yours to keep.

Find a way past the brick wall and your journey will begin. You must go through the land of sharp objects were you will bleed. But don't take a rest, and don't take a seat, for the sharp objects will make you scream while rives of blood will pour out of your skin. Just take a leap and hope you land on your feet. Once you get past the bottle caps the blood will stop. But don't slow down, and don't look up, for this is the land of exploding bombs. One wrong step and your guts will be splattered all over the ground. Just spin around like a tornado until your able to dodge all the bombs. Then get on the ground because then comes the bullets from the army man. Your in a war zone now and you must fight for me into the death and beyond. Many have died but I know if you try you will get by and proceed to the dead man's beach. This beach may seem like paradise but don't you take a break, beneath the sand lies a million corpse, just waiting to drag you below. You must have faith in order to go on, say a prayer, cast your demons aside, and the dead man's hands wont be able to take you down. Straight ahead is the sea of broken friendships where my best friend died. This sea is filled with horrible monsters, as soon as your flesh touches the water, the monsters will rip you to shreds. You have to be able to glide above the water, but don't fly too high because those who do, crash into the water and burn. Just gently hover over the sea until your able to reach the desert of black scorpions. Once you arrive at the desert you must become best friends with the scorpions, it is the only way to survive the desert, those who don't will die. The scorpions will help you get through the desert and lead you into the forest of temptation. Here in the forest the trees look like men and you will be tempted to look at their tree trunks. You will be captivated by the beauty of the trees and because of this you will get lost. Let my voice be the rope that pulls you away, just close yours eyes, open your heart to my voice, and you will get by.

Next comes the land of raging storms where you must face my rage. Here the sky only rains fire, the wind only blows lighting bolts, and the ground opens up releasing seven different hells. You must be able to walk through fire, breathe in lighting bolts, and survive hell in order to go on. Then comes the passage of death. You will think it is impossible to get up a hill where giant boulders are constantly rolling down, but it is possible. Where there is a will, there is a way. Once you are on top of the hill you will feel like you are on top of the world but don't gloat about your success just yet, there is a mountain of ice to be climb. Here you will face water in its deadliest form and if the ice doesn't kill you the cold will. You must have a warm heart to get you through the cold mountain. Once you get across the mountain you will find the most beautiful place ever, the thorns of infidelity. Here you will find a prince charming in every corner of each street and you will think you are getting that fairy tale ending. But fairy tales are only in children story books, this is reality, there is no such thing as a fairy tale. Your prince charming is just some guy wanting to get you in his bed and he'll do anything just to get you there. So don't stop to smell the roses, don't stop to listen to the bull shit, and stop if you see diamond rings becuase happiness is just a mile away. Once you swim your last mile through the sea of loneliness you will find yourself upon a paradise island. Here you will find my heart, to keep, forever. You've reached your destination and now I can finally die. My life of eternal happiness awaits.


  1. this made me sad.
    i loved the map though, and how you described every aspect of it. you are such a talented writer!

  2. i suppose your blog is sad. which is not necessarily a bad thing. it's different. and oh, i LOVE your blog banner! and the background, too.