Friday, May 13, 2011

The opening of doors

The first thing I hear is clapping, the first thing I see is smiles, and the first thing I smell is the fear running through the back of my mind like a lamb facing a pack of lions. I am in this illusion of success as the doors of opportunity open before my eyes causing this sudden burst of high emotions. But just as every door in my future cracks opens, every door from my past slowly unlocks. I am in a mental place now, between my imagination and my conscience, there is a ceremony of commencement going on. And just as I'm about to cross the stage I look back, the short hallway suddenly becomes endless, and every door slams open.

The clapping suddenly stops, the smiles quickly fade, and the fear instantly becomes horror. There is a monster creeping out of the door that reads 'HIGH SCHOOL'. The monster's tentacle immediately grabs me and slowly drags me through the dark endless hallway. As I am being dragged through my past my dreams start to get teary as they drip out like smoke. I wish someone could save me, that someone could fight this nightmare away, to lock the door forever. A friend maybe? But back then I had no friends and now the nightmare is slowly eating me away.

As I am getting closer to the door I am becoming more and more weak. I'm beginning to wonder that I might not make it. My future is starting to look like miles away as I begin to enter the 'HIGH SCHOOL' room. I am an inch away from the monster when I start to think about what I have accomplished, the goals I made, and the future that awaits. All of a sudden the monster, the hallway, and the doors all disappear. I am now crossing a stage, holding a paper that means nothing to me, wondering if the doors of my past will ever stay closed? But all I hear is clapping, all I see is smiling back at me, and the only thing I smell is the smell of a new beginning.

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