Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fairytale neighborhood

Dearly beloved fairytale neighborhood, I think I’m ready to leave, I think I’m ready to fly, I think I’m ready to die and leave this world behind. Oh so many don’t know the tragic lies that have been told like happily ever after in a magical world, but to tell you the truth it’s just not true. Here in my neighborhood happy doesn’t exist, not even in your dreams, not even in your hopes for a future, or in your wildest wish, it just can’t come true, not in my fairytale neighborhood. You see, I’ve seen all the wives miserable inside, all the husbands cheating and lies, despite the magic they still want more. We have castles instead of houses, carriages instead of cars, and we have royalty instead of family. But it’s just not enough for my fairytale neighborhood.
Somehow every character has a flaw like Sleeping Beauty sleeping with every guy that kisses her. What happened to her prince that married her? Divorced because she just kept sleeping around, I guess she just couldn’t help it, she is the queen of going down. Let’s not forget about Arial who sells her soul to sleep with boys. Oh everyone thinks mermaids are so rare but here their like sushi, they will never fill you up, not even after a dozen, they just don’t phase your heart. But the biggest flaw of all is my ex-girlfriend Jasmine, who I gave my heart, but she rather sleep with Jafar. Here all the good girls are sluts, the villains rule the world, and I have to live every day in this fairytale neighborhood. 

Yeah my brothers got a keeper but she’s a sea witch that’s slowly manipulating him to do her evil bidding, like Cruella Deville keeps running over my dogs, and the old lady from next door keeps leaving poison apples on my porch. I’m so sick of this fairytale neighborhood where I have to pretend everything is fine, where I have to smile in pictures, and wear nice suits when I dine. It’s all just phony, this world is bologna, and their all just trying to be something they’re not. I’ll leave my throne, I’ll leave my magic, I’ll leave my heart, I’ll leave it all to leave this fairytale behind. Dear fairytale neighborhood, fuck you for leading me to believe you were real!

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