Thursday, October 6, 2011

Helpless Tonight

I am falling into a motionless state of mind, every finger typing to word my very last bit of hope is just getting weak, and my eyes flutter as darkness surrounds my thoughts. I got bitterness on the tip of my tongue that’s making my words sour but I swear it’s not my intention be so rude with imprudent remarks. I’m on strings tonight dangling off your wisdom in a dizzy unseen mess with intellectual cords that got me hung up on your words. I’m just a boy hanging there, in midair, floating at ease, yet with torture pains wrapping around my neck got me suffocating for help. Just be a dear and take my pain, fake it with my name, to be forever in debt to your fate. 

Silently vile vomit splats to the floor, I’m so sick to the core, I’m just tired of being sore from the tides of laboring works. The waves won’t stop and like a sinking ship I’m going down to the ocean floor, so slow, so effortless, so plain it spots like blood on white sheets to a new born whore. I’m speechless now, wanting out of this coffin I dug myself in, bombarded with bombs exploding with headaches just makes me want to pull the trigger of my brain. It’s like screeching long nails scratching down on a blackboard, sinking so deep into my thoughts, forcing me deeper and deeper into the ground. 

I’m buried under six feet of nightmares so heavy I can’t even move an inch to scratch an itch so ferociously irritating it’s got my skin rotting off like ants swarming to a carcass. The stench of this disguising mood is so far up the moon that I’m howling like a wolf so violently trying to survive the night. With every bite I take there is a knife slicing pieces of my insides like cold cuts of meat I’m just stacking up my organs for the monster inside to eat. I’m running out of energy, out of light, out of fight to continue with this life, I’m crippling down so fragile like glass I break with just one touch, I turn to dust.

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