Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ball n Chain

Its sounds like a whole lot of arguing with some fake display of public affection. They are the lovey-dovey couple next door with matching his and her hats that somehow can’t seem to keep their hands off each other when they are in the public eye. Yet, when they are in the comfort of their own home it seems to be the opposite with plates being thrown and walls being punched. When someone asks about their so called marriage in privet, that’s when the tears come pouring out, that’s when they spit out the truth. They can’t stand each other but no one wants to admit their love story is really a sham.

Here she comes to the party with the ball n chain but everyone knows that she doesn’t really want to be tamed. She tries to throw a wild eye stare to the boy standing with the crazy hair, but every time she walks the ball rolls behind, she is stuck like glue to a man who doesn’t fulfill her. But the party goes on and she dances even though she is in chains, she can’t help it if she wants to get laid. She is the loudest one there but no one seems to care or really stare, so she grabs their attention by making a dare, she lets down her hair and dances in her underwear. 

She makes all the dogs come running out of their cage, to the center of the stage, they drool with a daze. But it’s all bark and no bite; no one has fallen for her lies. The only fool that has been fooled is her man who she has booed. This sudden dis has caused him to be pissed and with his fist he smashes her kiss. Oh everyone knows they’re headed for divorce but at the end of the party she reassured him she has remorse. And as they head out of the door everyone said “aww can we have a little more”. But to me it sounds like a whole lot of arguing with some fake display of public affection. Lovely-dovey is more like fakey-fakey.

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