Sunday, August 29, 2010

The clash of friendship

When all emotions are laid on the table you feel a sense of relief and start to recover from the weight of your words. But don’t let your guard down just yet because just when you think your in a safe house this friendly place shifts into a hostile environment. All of a sudden the fire alarm goes off and people are fleeing. It seems like a war broke out with all the chaos erupting from the crowd, you better find your place fast because if your not on my side your dead. This isn’t a fire drill, this is a code red, a mayday because we’re going down. We’re about to crash and when we do, will you survive?

Torn apart by the impact, you burn a dark green like a poisonous venom set on fire. Your true colors are showing, dark and evil isn’t something I’m interested in. The rain pours in and just when you think you might be safe by repenting a tsunami crashes down on you and shifts you around. Your upside downs twisting in half like a rag doll, your in the palms of my hands now and it is up to me to save you from drowning. But no matter what I say or do your beyond saving. You’re a lost cause. Water fills your lungs as the oceans swallows you whole.

This is the clash of our friendship and you didn’t survive. We went head on like two cars colliding with each other and you ended up being fatal. You will soon be forgotten like the tragic accident that you are. You will begin to fade from all the pictures, your voice will no longer be heard, and your name is suddenly forgotten like everything else about you. You're a stranger that is already dead. My life will continue to move on as yours will never leave the one position it was program to, being on your knees. We've clashed, now understand your place in my life is no more.


  1. blogwalking!
    you are awesome because you've read the Wicked Series.

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