Monday, August 16, 2010


Its funny how people think they got you all figured out. They think they can write your life story because they spent one day with you, but boy are they wrong. Like a mother knows a daughter, she will only know what she tells, never knowing of those dark secrets one carries. Only when one walks in another shoes will one fully understand someone. But whether they walk one inch or one mile they will never agree to such bull shit. They know you. They know you so well that they label you in a specific category that will define your every movement in life. No matter how much you protest it will do you no good because they got you right where they want you, in a friendship.

People call you by your new name and you wonder if it’s a nickname or if its permanent. But it never gets washed away or forgotten or even fades. Its stays strong in the back of their mind like an obsession; they believe their right. You forget who you are when everyone is telling you what you are and what your not. You become something that is universal and everywhere you go your expected to like certain things, but you don’t. You hate it. You hate everything about it. And as years go by people realized you never rolled with the change, never once stood by your name, never gave in to all those stupid games.

They misunderstood you. If they were blind they would of died because its not about what you hear, its about what you see and they didn’t see a thing. All they did was poke you with someone sharp that made you bleed. But their blind, they didn’t see the blood, they didn’t see your pain. Their going to eat their words because they misunderstood you. All this time you were just a friend and now they’re wishing you were more then just a friend. Its funny how people think they know you, that they can defined you, that they can just rename you. But karma is a bitch and your going to be praying that I don’t misunderstand you like you misunderstood me.

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