Sunday, June 2, 2013

Midnight creatures

It was Saturday night that I was waiting for my friends to arrive when a car drove by and I got soaked. Humiliated and embarrassed, I stood in front of them as they laughed. I am never going to be good enough for them so I ran. Now cold and alone I sit in the dark as I wait for my ride. I was about to breakdown when I saw a monstrous bird at the corner of my eye, or was it a girl? I said hello, anyone there? But no reply. Then shadows started creeping in, oh am I about to die? I closed my eyes… 

I smelled them, and with my eyes closed I saw them. A twelve foot girl with owl eyes, chicken feet, and feathers stood in front of me. To the left stood a boy with horse like hooves, yellow eyes, and devil horns. To the right was a nude lioness creature with the head of a lion but features of a man and woman. I got the feeling they wanted me to play but when I opened my eyes I was alone.    
I search the nearby area, but I didn’t find any creatures. I posted ads all over the cities looking for them, but still no reply. Every night at midnight I call out from my bedroom window, come and play, midnight creatures.

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