Sunday, June 19, 2011

Oh brother how you've changed

I woke up today to find you here banging on our door, demanding why I didn’t let you in before, but excuse me I thought you didn’t live here anymore? Why do you keep coming back and asking for our help? Once your out, your out, your on your own. Don’t look back, just keep going straight forward on that path, no matter how bumpy or crazy it seems its life and sometimes that’s just the way it’s suppose to be. These are lessons in life you must learn, but when your here almost every day asking for money, childcare, or whatever the dilemma of the day is, your not learning anything. 

It’s not cool when your twenty-five, you have a child, but you have no job. Your the man, your suppose to be wearing the pants, bringing home all the cash. But instead your so far up her ass, she’s got you wrapped around her finger, and in a snap she’s got you on your knees licking the crap off her ass. Your her bitch and she’s got you on a short leash. She’s completely emasculated you, she ripped off your testicles and she has them inside her mouth, using them as the mouthpiece which she speaks from.

She castrated you, oh brother how you’ve changed. Your no longer the father, your the mother who gave birth to this daughter, and now she’s a reminder of you. I remember when we were young, you were the bigger brother, now I look down on you and pity you, what a difference five years have made. Your my brother up until the day your not my brother and I think that day is today. Take back your balls, even if she bleeds, grab them while you can and place them where they belong. Until then you are not my brother, have fun being a mother.

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