Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dethroned: The Bloodline II

The wounds of yesterday are now healed and that once corrupted blood is gone. Alliances are declared, brothers unite, and the world is finally at peace. But tranquility is only a matter of seconds in a world of chaos. In the years of silence something wicked had been growing in the shadows of the west; a type of evil that defies the very laws of God. An uneducated women whoring around and claiming she is the holy heir. Oh what a disgrace you have become sister! You were the princess of Rome, heir to the throne, the chaste moral compass of the whole world!! But you have left the bloodline and now girls, boys, men, and women have become whores!!!  

My blood has done me wrong! An heir was conceived on the notion of deception and then proclaimed in the name of faith! But faith doesn’t come from treachery! How dare you claim you are on a path of righteousness when the seven deadly sins precede you! You have fallen from my good grace and you are no longer a sister of mine! I held you to the highest extent, you were arm and arm with God and now you dwell in the pits of hell. Not even God can save you from my fury because I have condemned you to death! You have been dethroned! You are no longer the princess of Rome, heir to the throne, or the chaste moral compass of the world. 

The time has come again for war! You were once a moral figure of virtue and grace but not even with all of your education could you resist the temptations of the devil. You couldn’t break free of the insidious lust that fell upon you! You betrayed your own mother to spawn your own devil! But I’ve had enough of your unholy sacraments! You have cast shame to thy name and infested your own blood with filth! And you have abandoned your kingdom as you have abandoned the bloodline! You abandoned God! And to that no mercy shall be given! We shall burn you like the witch that you have become! With holy water on your head, you shall melt a most crucial death!  You were once the princess of Rome, heir to the throne, the chaste moral compass of the world! But now you have been dethroned! 

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