Friday, September 14, 2012

Something new

I never felt this way before. I’m not happy but I’m not sad. I’m not excited but I’m not worried. I’m not calm but I’m not freaking out. This is something new, something different. For the first time in my life I don’t feel like my heart is breaking, even though everything around me is broken. As I look through the debris of my once called home, I don’t feel like crying, instead I smile like I never smiled before. I lost everything to the storm and that’s okay with me.

After about five minutes of staring at the other houses I realized only mine was completely destroyed. I can’t help but think it was personal, that this storm was just out to get me, to rip me to shreds. But it doesn’t faze me or even break my smile. I stand tall, shoulders back, head up, and continue walking like nothing ever happened. I don’t know where I’ll go or what I’ll do but nothing can break me, not with this new me.

I walk about fifty years when a small parchment flies right cross my face and I catch it with my hand. It reads: I can make your fantasies come true, just give me a call at two, five, four, eight, three, one, nine. I normally don’t do these kinds of things but this is something new. I reach a payphone and with just enough coins in my pocket, I dial the number. When the phone starts to ring my heart starting pounding faster and faster, and after about six rings my heart is beating so fast I can hardly feel it. Then a voice answer the phone and says “how do you want me to make your fantasizes come true?” I respond with “I want to try something new”.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Something changed

I wake in terror. It was just a bad dream I tell myself, go back to sleep. I look over to your side of the bed, its empty.  I run my hand through the sheets, cold as ice. All of a sudden I feel like I’m dying, like someone dug a really deep knife into my chest and in any moment I’ll be dead. Something changed during the night and I don’t know what or how I woke up barely breathing. How one day we were fine and the next day I’m barely alive. 

I call out your name but all I hear is my echo in this empty house. All your stuff is gone, why? I don’t know how it got to this point where we leave in the middle of the night. Where we don’t say goodbye, leaving me behind, until I die. I start to realize I’m not going to survive the night, that by morning I’ll be dead, and you’ll be in bed with someone else. 

As I laid there on the floor waiting to die, something changed. I started breathing again. I stopped dying. I was reborn. I don’t know what has saved me from a terrible fate but I thank god I live stronger than before. I pick myself up and go to bed. I wake in bliss as I hear the weathered changed overnight on the radio. Something changed overnight and I don’t know what but I have a feeling it’s something good.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Something’s coming

Just when I think life is okay I hear about some devastating event. It leaves me thinking about how my life isn’t that bad, that I’m really doing better than those people I see on the news. But when it’s a quarter to midnight and I’m lying in bed alone, I know something’s coming. I can feel it in my shaking fingertips as I drawback the curtain to see out the window. Not a single star tonight. All of a sudden I feel sick as a sharp pain merges inside. The phone rings and I hesitate to answer because I know it’s bad news but I pick up wishing I hadn’t. 

It’s coming. Everything I feared, the day I wished would never happen, is here. And there is nothing I can do to prepare myself for what’s outside my door. Nowhere to run. Nowhere to hide. Nowhere to escape. I’m tapped and the only thing I can do is face the storm. With the phone still at my ear, I watch as my whole life is destroyed in one second, I blink, and by the time I open my eyes I’m in a new world with a new life. 

I wonder this strange new place trying to find a way back. But the past is gone. Completely obliterated from my mind. Just as I lose my thought I ask myself, what am I doing? Why am I here? Who am I? Confused by my own questions I begin to search for answers. I search day and night until finally I reach a city. Up on the horizon I see someone and I get that feeling that something’s coming that’s about to change my life forever.