Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A decision has been made

Are you sure you want to make that decision? I don't think you know, what you know, is not who I know. Those eyes, that tone, this is not the road I used to know. How did I get so lost in the moment when in reality that life was over. But I used to own this house, the clothes off your back, and that heart that's been put in a garbage bag. Now I'm just unwanted things in the back of your car that's been dropped off at a donation store. Still I look for myself in every item trying to figure out why I ever chose such stupid things, they could never be good enough for me, but I could never ever part with the.

Should I say? Or should I stay? A decision has been made but I didn't make it. The devil got in tonight and I don't think you know, what you found, I didn't know. Its as clear as black and white, the devil's in the line, and I dead by nine. I never wanted and I never needed, but I got two bags of unwanted things at my door, I let my brother drown in a pool of drool on the floor. This road is coming to an end and its slowly unwinding every character that played part to this broken heart.

I made a decision, it all ends tonight, I'm going to bury those unwanted things in the ground. I'm going to take these knifes out of my back, I'm going to erase those tire tracks, and I'm going rogue all on my own. Because now you see me, now you don't, those unwanted things become an necessity but you could never have them possessively. A decision has been made.