Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine the cliché

O Valentine
O Valentine
How thou become so cliché?
So full of consumerism
Thy men and women become bored with one another
No celebrating or showering of gifts
A marriage so dull like paint peeling off walls
Yet thy woman, thy man, believe they love

O what is love thou Valentine?
If not poetry articulated from thy tongue
If not serenaded by a group of doves
If not a dozen roses freshly cut
What is love?
Thy green folded leaf?
Thy morning tree upon thou sleeps?
Thou shall never feel the pulse of thy heart beat

O Valentine
O Valentine
Thy woman, thy man, believe in not
Morte, morte
Thy man’s influence is not in thou
Did thou not put gifts under thy tree?
Did thou not parade thy streets in sheets?
Then why thou not profess thy  love?

O Valentine
O Valentine
Thy just another ordinary day
Make love, make not
Thy man, thy woman, just in rut
But thou good men shall profess thy love
Not to thou, but to the world
So thou shall know on this day
Thy heart is mine and no one can compete
With my love

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  1. Hey Angel, I hope this gets to you well. Just thinking about you and just wondering how you been. I hope we can talk. -Terie J.