Thursday, March 13, 2014

My Sister's Story

My sister is the oldest one but mentally she is the youngest one. She didn’t have a clue when she was in the eighth grade. She ran away in with a boy to the Cardinal Café. Oh what a scandal did she create, the teachers didn’t know who to blame. Is it the mother’s fault or is she just a little insane. A Christian girl with no moral values, what does that make her today? 

I still remember when I was a lot younger. My sister brought a boy to her bed. I crept around her bedroom window, looking at the boy she hid. She wanted to have sex with him but I kept pestering in. Now let’s fast forward to the high school days. She ran away with a boy she met in the drama club. Oh our mother had to search and search, we thought she was dead. But then we found her at the boy’s house, she was in his bed.

Now let’s go to the college years, so many years it was. There was a guy with long hair, don’t really know or care. It started with the guy in Spanish class, he was a little gay. She wanted to get married someday but he didn’t know if he was completely straight. He spent his nights at a bar while she was getting ready to fall. Oh it was such an epic fall she had to move on like a cheetah. She hunted and hunted her prey until she got so desperate she had to go for the gays. 

She met her husband at a gay club. Oh she thought it was love at first sight. But she didn’t know everyone at a club is a lusting parasite.  And now she lives in California thinking she’s a Real Housewife. She thinks her life is a fairytale but the only fairy is her husband who goes out at night shitting blood through his asshole, can someone give him a maxi pad. She threw away her education and ran away, like she always does. Now she wants to blame me for hypocrisy because I’m doing the things she couldn’t. But I’m sorry sister you don’t get to play the blame game when you simply just ran away.


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